Turkish Pharmacists' Association

Turkish Pharmacists’ Association (TPA) is established in 1956 within the framework of TPA law (#6643). It is a public professional organization having a constitutional base. TPA, representing all of the community pharmacists in Turkey, also has members from different areas of pharmacy practice in Turkey such as universities and pharmaceutical industry.

TPA has 51 Regional Chambers. Administrative units in these chambers and the Executive Committee of TPA are elected in the General Congresses that are held once in two years.

TPA, as a professional association which,

protects rights of pharmacists and patients, is active in producing solutions for public health problems in order to promote public health issues

cares about country’s social and health problems, is capable of acting against the policies and implementations that can and will influence the public health,

always evaluates the historical conditions and processes related with drug and pharmacy with combination of the current situation and the future of pharmacy, creates and offers policies for drug and pharmacy.

establishes effective link and interoperable conditions with other professional associations, health and drug related organizations, academic institutions, pharmaceutical industry and representatives of Ministry of Health.

works cooperatively with other health business associations for the sake of public health,

suggests proper professional education for pharmacists in the universities,

suggests to give a healthy trustable, ergonomic, and esthetic services in pharmacies in the point of working atmosphere,

establishes pharmacy cooperatives and keeps them,

in order to improve cooperative working and the soul of solidarity between the members and in order to reach contemporary standards for pharmacies ;

arranges both national and international congress and symposium,

organizes scientific meetings such as national and international congresses, symposiums or supporting these kinds of activities in health –drug and pharmacy area,

publishes some periodical publications such as TPA news,

follows the publications of international associations and organizations in health and pharmaceutical issues.

arranges post-graduated professional education that are related to family planing and health problems that are frequently seen in our country such as asthma through the help of academician pharmacist,

through its Academy of Pharmacy provide the conditions for further education of pharmacists’ apprentices and execute these educational process in scientific and institutional level,

executes epidemiologic studies that will contribute to the health of the community and drug area,

sets up social and cultural facilities that are unique to pharmacists in order to improve social communication,

through Novagenix, provides conditions for scientific investigations to research the pharmaceuticals’ bio availability and bioequivalence,

imports drugs (from foreign countries) for private treatment with the relying on the agreement between TPA and Ministry of Health in 1996,

sets up chamber of pharmacy, that will respond to the necessities of pharmacy in Turkey,

fulfills its duties by being aware of its position of democratic mass organization,

provides the framework for updating laws that are related with pharmacy and drug such as Law Related Pharmacy and Pharmacists (Law No 6197) that was approved in 1953 which does not fit our current situation.
This framework constitutes the obligations and duties of TPA, which are primarily shaping its policies.

TPA’s Sub-Organizations:

The organization of TPA is not only limited with Grand Congress and 51 Regional Chambers .It comprises other organizations acting within the Association. These organizations are as follows:

The Solidarity Fund of TPA.

Turkish Pharmacists' Foundation.

EGAŞ (Pharmaceutical Tools and Equipment Inc.)

Academy of Pharmacy

Import Drugs Department


TPA News: Newspaper containing news and articles about profession.

TPA Bulletin: A bulletin that published once a month. Articles regarding the activities of the Association are the major subjects.

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Some Photographs through Historical Evolution of the Community Pharmacies